Emergency Dentist in Caulfield: Be Prepared for the Immediate Attention

Emergencies can occur any time. No one plans to get a tooth knocked out late night, slipping in the washroom, or a nagging ache that would grip the patient.  It is during times such as these that the use of emergency dental care is required.  Centres that offer out of hour appointment or urgent appointments in surgery for emergencies help alleviate problems. Here is a quick look at some of the probable emergency situations and why dental intervention is necessary.

Accident resulting in trauma of the tooth

Statistics reveal that a large number of teeth trauma cases occur due to chipped teeth. Other causes of teeth trauma may include dislodged or knocked out teeth. Such cases need urgent attention and should not be put off for later.  In many cases, the individuals may choose to ignore the problem.  What needs to be borne in mind here is that it is possible that teeth adjacent to the affected tooth may also have suffered some kind of injury. And such injuries can only be discerned after a proper examination by a competent dentist.

Pulpitis can change from reversible to irreversible if not treated

An inflammation or infection of the nerve at the centre of the tooth known as pulpitis can change from a reversible condition to an irreversible condition. Therefore, when excruciating pain is experienced in the tooth when consuming food that is either hot, cold or sweet, it is best to seek the opinion of a dentist immediately.  This is more important in the case of patients who have opted for braces which may cause the teeth to move in too fast constricting the nerve in the tooth.

Staying off self-medication in case of emergency

Many individuals resort to self-medication after an injury to the teeth. Pain killers like aspirin are generally popped by individuals which may lead to complications. Certain categories of pain killers are anti-coagulants, and therefore may result in bleeding.  And it is most important that attempts are not made to rupture gums that are swollen. An emergency dentist would be able to determine the cause and prescribe the right treatment in the case of abscess.

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